Utila, Honduras
from May 1, 2023
to June 8, 2023
99 spots available!
base cost*
(final cost may vary due to personal preferences on trip)
Egypt - North Wreck
from June 24, 2023
to July 1, 2023
1 spots available!
base cost*
(final cost may vary due to personal preferences on trip)
Egypt Sharks
from July 1, 2023
to July 8, 2023
2 spots available!
base cost*
(final cost may vary due to personal preferences on trip)
transforming our allied military combat veterans state of mind with free scuba diver training and certifications.

Our mission is to give purpose and provide physical and mental relief to combat veterans of all allied forces using Scuba Diving to harness the power of the ocean and its three-dimensional weightlessness to help recharge the mind, body and soul with zero cost but time and effort to those that have given so that we may be free.

Come join us
and watch us grow.
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Trained Civilians
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About Trident Warriors.
We are a new organization that is focused on partnering and gaining the support of diver training centers across the globe to support military combat veterans. We invite members of the public wishing to learn to dive to train with our partners and then taking those heavily discounted or zero profit preferred rates to put towards training the military combat veterans.
What we offer
Civilian Diver Training

We offer you the opportunity to train with high quality instructors at ZERO profit that have been cleared by our strict guidelines.

Free Combat Veteran Diver Training

If you are a combat veteran then you will be welcomed into our program which can provide you with ZERO cost diver training.

Discounted Veteran Diver Training

We offer all non-combat veterans discounted diver training

Group Diving Trips

We host price conscious diving trips to bring veteran and civilian divers together to form lifelong bonds of friendship.

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Our Diver Training Center Partners
Click to view any of our partners sites. Don't forget to tell them you want to be part of the Trident Warrior group!
Chad Lightner
After years of not being able to dive due to medical issues, my time came a few years ago (2019) to start my scuba journey. My dream trip was always the Red Sea but never saw it as a possibility, but also saw it as an ‘advanced’ trip. Last year... see more
Gregory Flanagan
I recently had the pleasure of doing a trip with Wayne Miller the owner of Trident Warriors. We went to Egypt to dive the Red Sea. I have done numerous live-aboard dive trips in the past and have to say this was right up at the best I have ever... see more
Tina Young
For my first live-aboard, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience than what I had with Trident Warriors. Those who know Wayne know that he’s attentive, inclusive, honest, fun, and always there to offer you insights to help you be a better diver. After the trip, I daresay all... see more

Frequently Asked Questions

I served in a foreign military branch, do I qualify?
Trident Warriors is a global effort to support ALL combat veterans of all Armed Forces regardless of country of origin.

I have a physical or mental disability, can I still participate?
Yes. We are partnered with specialists that can help you, all of our instructors are adaptive divers and or adaptive instructors. We will need to evaluate your condition prior to acceptance and you will need to undergo a thorough diving medical examination prior to approval.

Are the instructors at Trident Warriors experienced and certified?
All of our instructors are hand picked by the founder of Trident Warriors for their high level of experience and approach to teaching in an empathetic manner that is well suited to combat veterans.

What facilities will we get when using Trident Warrior approved training centers?
This will depend on the location that you choose. Not all of our centers are suitable for wheelchair bound individuals but we will help you with placement into a suitable location.

I have never served in the military, can I train with you?
Yes, absolutely. As a civilian you form the backbone of our program by coming to train with our high quality instructors at competitive costs. All of our instructors have made a solemn vow to not make any profit on your training and instead pass those gains to pay for the operating costs of teaching a combat veteran.

Where are you located?
For administrative purposes we are located in Florida, USA however our program is global and we are continuing to add new locations as we grow.

We pride ourselves in making sure that every penny raised goes to helping veterans find tranquility using the power of our beautiful underwater world.

1317 Edgewater Drive
Suite 186
Orlando, FL 32804 USA

enquiries at tridentwarriors dot com

+1 202 768 9977

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